Karenderia Driver Mobile App v1.4.0

Karenderia Driver Mobile App is a pickup and delivery mobile application for Karenderia Multiple Restaurant Script which can be use by restaurant owner to manage their daily pickup/delivery task. Karenderia driver mobile app connects to KRMS via json api calls just simply install the modules for the api and settings and your all done. its comes with very easy steps by steps procedure on how to install the api & settings modules.

Download Karenderia Driver Mobile App v1.4.0

      Last Update: 15/12/2016
      Developed by: CodeCanyon
      Released on: January 8, 2017
      License Cost: 19
      Envato Sales: 334
      Application: Delivery & Pickup, Restaurant & Cooking
      Category:Apps Source
      Compatible with:Android 4.0 - 6.0, iOS 6.0 - 9.0.x
      Customer Rating:

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fixed - update status of order when changing status on backend panel
fixed - can add same username and email address for driver
fixed - order details no food item showing
fixed - auto assign task to get the nearest merchant address rather than customer address
fixed - special request not showing in order details
fixed - reports filter not working
fixed - auto assigment settings when admin update the settings all merchant settings updated as well
new - add team menu
new - add recipient name in add signature
new - assign task to all drivers
new - allow merchant to use admin drivers
new - allow to set certain merchant to use admin drivers
new - allow to set the merchant task to admin as the owner
new - options to show the task only for admin
new - add options to disabled the merchant to delete the task
new - add options to allow merchant to delete the task for a certain time
new - block merchant list
new - add options for the driver to add notes
new - notes enabled/disbaled
new - signature enabled/disabled
new - 3 direction map from driver location to merchant location and customer address
new - auto assign to use the admin driver for merchant
new - task add pickup details/dropoff details
new - add auto assign to all drivers
new - add new template for new added drivers
new - add upload driver profile photo in backend
new - driver app profile photo
new - add driver signup
new - add order total price in task list driver app
new - driverapp add total order
new - add software version in driverapp settings
new - add total order amount in reports
new - add device long vibration
new - add settings to turn on/off notes,signature and signup
new - upload profile picture in driver app
new - add options to attach photo on the task

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